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Surcom Industries announces European Licensee. Surcom is pleased to introduce Engineered Mechanical Coatings (EMC) as its newest licensee. With over 40 years of experience in flame spray coatings, EMC will now add Dynacron as a featured process along with flame spray, PTFE and binder dry film coatings. Based in France, EMC will offer technical expertise and service of the Dynacron Lubrication Process to its domestic customers as well as throughout the European Union.

Engineered Mechanical Coatings, (E.M.C.)
12 Allé des Chevaux Rû
78400 CHATOU, France
Contact: Hervé Leguellec
Phone: +33/ (0)3 44 21 34 40
Mobile: +33/ 06 12 54 68 84
Fax: +33/ (0)1 30 71 09 83
Email: herve.leguellec@wanadoo.fr

Dynacron helps Microjoule win 2004 Shell Eco-Marathon UK
With engine and transmission parts coated with Dynacron Dry Film Lubrication, the Microjoule team’s gasoline powered vehicle won the Shell sponsored event with an astounding 9737 MPG. You read it right, 9737 miles per gallon. Microjoule’s car efficiency was over 40% higher than the nearest competitor who finished with only 6952 MPG. The aim of the event, organized by Shell Global Solutions, is to promote the advancement of fuel efficient vehicles designed to reduce the dependence on the world’s natural resources.

Surcom Industries is in the process of achieving AS9003 and NADCAP Certification, due for completion in the summer of 2005.

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