WS2 Tungsten Disulfide Dry Film Lubrication using molecular bonding. Anti-galling, anti-seizing
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Dynacron® is a molecular bonded, tungsten disulfide (WS2) dry film lubrication system that outperforms conventional lubricants. It can be applied to all metal, hardened and plated parts, and most man-made materials at room temperature to provide superior lubrication without altering the dimensional characteristics of the part or introducing contaminants common with wet lubricants.

The dry lubricant technology was originally developed for NASA as a supplemental lubrication for use in aerospace programs. Its outstanding performance in outer space has led to uses in many other industries that require a superior lubrication system. The Dynacron process is now employed throughout the lubrication spectrum as a stand-alone lubricant or as a part of a lubrication system.

• Modified tungsten disulfide (WS2) compound
• Meets SAE AMS2530 and DOD-L-85645A Type 1 specifications
• Only 0.5 micron (0.000020") buildup, uniform dry film coating
• Molecular bonding
• Will not crack or peel from metal surface
• Applied at room temperature
• Retains surface finish and original dimensions
• Can be applied to almost all substrates
• Lubricates in a wide temperature range, -350° to +1000° F (-188° to +538° C)

• Provides the lowest co-efficient of friction (0.030 dynamic)
• Anti-Galling & Anti-Seizing, eliminates “Stick-Slip”
• Compatible with other lubricants
• Reduces noise
• Environmentally friendly, inert and non-toxic

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